Sweden: 9 July 1200-4 January 1212: King Peter

Well, as a new king, there sure is a lot of housekeeping to take care of. Appointing guardians and so on.

The most important thing is to name a successor. I'm going with my son, Prince Boris. Duke Inge, however, is the current heir to Sweden. He's 64, so I could plan to out-live him. I could also plan to help that plan along.

I have the opportunity to throw him in jail; maybe this is a good move.

Of course it doesn't work, and he revolts. He was a useful ally to my father, but I think it's time to clip his wings. I have enough coin to hire some mercenaries to help me out. In the middle of this battle, Prince Boris favors Duke Inge as heir to Noridake instead of himself. I have to wonder about this boy.

I get Duke Inge in jail, and Prince Boris is back to favoring himself. Unfortunately, I notice that Prince Boris only has daughters, and his wife is exiting her childbearing years. Well, something to sort out later, I suppose.

Let's expand the empire (OK, kingdom) by moving further into Estonia. That worked, but shortly thereafter there was a revolt to lower my authority. I put it down, but it ended in a white peace, and now my treasury is seriously depleted. I'm hoping I can lay low for a while and recover.

With my low treasury, I couldn't defend against a revolt, and had to lower crown authority.

And, just like that, my reign is over. I did expand into Estonia, and one of my vassals nicked a county from Sweden. I did manage to pass my kingdom on to my son, so that was my major victory.


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