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Sweden: 5 June 1131-9 July 1200:King Boris

King Boris is only 11, so he doesn't have any kids to name as heir. We'll stick with Prince Chopper (hey, I name these on the assumption they won't inherit) until Boris comes of age and can father some princes of his own. I married my sister off to the King of Rus, and was rewarded with an alliance. I suspect this will come in handy. I am planning to move on Satakunta (Finland) when I grow up. Five years fly by, and me and my buddy King Sviatopolok of Rus try to take down Satakuna. The attrition in the north is just terrible, though, and it takes up most of the treasure I've spent a couple generations putting away to win the war. But win it I do, and I am halfway to my goal of turning the Baltic into a Swedish lake. It is 1141. I have been on the throne 10 years. I think I am eligible to tighten up some of the laws of the kingdom, but after all that war, I want to make sure people get happy again. Also, I have two daughters now, so my brother is still my heir. T

Sweden: 3 June 1094-5 June 1131: King Inge

I decided to limit these entries to one per monarch. If I had realized how long-lived King Inge would be, I might have made a different decision. King Inge got off to a slow start. I set things up so my son Prince Stenkil was my heir. But my uncle, Prince Erik, seemed destined to cause trouble, and on January 30, 1097, he demanded the throne. My uncle is a major jerk! I fought him for two years, freed my daughter, and sued for "white peace", meaning he lost prestige and I gained it, but it was inconclusive. He is 68, so I'm hoping to wait him out. But he's got my mom, two of my daughters and my wife in his dungeons, so that is not cool. I end up ransoming my mom and my wife back, but he keeps my two minor daughters. My mom dies soon afterwards. Fortunately, so does Uncle Erik as we reach the year 1100. I think it's time to teach Cousin Sven a lesson. He is plotting against me, so I get to throw him in jail. That doesn't work, so he rai