Sweden: 4 January 1212-22 July 1216: King Boris II

OK, what do I do now? Well the first thing is to figure out who my heir is. I for some reason married my aunt, who is 17 years older, and no longer of childbearing age. We have one daughter, Princess Saga, who I make my heir.

But I need to fix this, so I petition the pope (it's good to have your own pope) for a divorce, which he grants because, hello, she's my aunt. I remarry a young Russian princess and set out to produce a son.

The antipapacy ended for some reason I can't determine.

I am fairly weak, so I had to agree to gavelkind succession.

And...it looks like I married a lesbian. No son yet. Let's see if I can get another divorce. Nope.

And, I couldn't manage to kill her before I died of Camp Fever. Lame.


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